Suol, Augsburg

As a DJ, Daniel was the first time in 1995 on local events in Freising. In the following years, he recorded, among other things The Analog Digital Festival / Munich (live), Club Achter Mai / Berlin, the City Jazz Festival / Brunswick, U60311/Frankfurt, kerosene / Augsburg and regularly several clubs in and outside Germany. Since 2007 he has been resident DJ at the Rote Sonne in Munich. Moreover, he invites a monthly national and international DJ guests on his own highly successful series of events at the Black Sheep (Forza Electronica) in Augsburg.

1995 was also the starting year for Daniel as a producer. After a first remix for Media Records in 2005, he published regularly on different labels, including his own imprint Pastamusik. In 2011 he became a member of the SUOL family through his highly acclaimed “The One”-EP.

Cadenza/Ibadan, Greece
Argy developed his love affair with night-time culture as an teenager, thanks to memorable club experiences headed by the U.S. house scene‘s finest. Fascinated by the boldness and the power that the DJ could communicate, Argy dreamed of performing, using the concentration of the DJ to feed and fuel the response of the crowd. Fittingly, he has developed a unique style of mixing in key which allows him to combine everything and from classic techno to deep disco, weaving a sonic tapestry that defies easy categorization of genre or era. Emanating clarity and focus – on both a personal and musical level – rare for one of his years, Argy represents a new breed of far-sighted talent driving modern electronic dance music. He considers the future with confidence. “I was taught that there is nothing that you cannot do, and that if you love it you will do it well”, he says. And, as fans across the globe will testify, Argy does music very well indeed.
Dirt Crew Recordings, Berlin
2004 Dirt Crew aka James Flavour and Break 3000 launched Dirt Crew Recordings after releasing their first EP's "Cleaning up the Ghetto Part 1+2" on MBF. The track "Rok Da House" became one of the key records of 2004, the beginning of the Electro House hype and a big hit that gave the guys worldwide recognition on the dancefloors. Also Moodmusic released two 12's with the brilliant "808 Lazerbeam" and "Darkside" in 2004 and the "Domino" E.P. in 2005, but things really got wild when they remixed Sasse's "Soul Sounds" which again went straight in the charts and was voted one of the best remixes of 2005 in the german "Groove" magazine and has been dropped by all major DJ's. Due to their success and productivity they decided to start up their own labels named Dirt Crew Recordings and Players Paradise. Taking it even deeper and more towards deep house but still combining it with the new crisp sound from the minimal scenes. Big remixes from Mike Monday and Serge Santiago got the people moving to the dirty sound and with new faces like the italian producer Marcello Giordani who presents his Italo-house grooves or Glasgows Mash with his sleazy Nu-Disco tracks the Dirt Crew also shows the world that there's more to house music.
keinemusik / liebe*detail / Souvenir Music, Berlin

His world is shrinking down to Detroit, Chicago, New York and Berlin within the following years, he’ll equip himself with records and turntables and not look over the rim of his MKII ever again. Adam Ports biography is different. Adam was Hardcore, when he was 16. No, not Rotterdam-Hardcore. We’re talking New York-, Boston- and Washington D.C.-Hardcore here. It’s a past that he still lives up to, cultivating it in his vegetarian-straight-edge-lifestyle.

After that there was HipHop. He got in touch with turntablism, discovered his love for vinyl and evolved to be a skilled DJ for the first time. Then, finally came Techno. This way of tracing down spaces, giving one the best possible chance of self-development, is the essential reason for Ports presence being so unique. There’s no scene-dictated tunnel view in his activities, there is only a pointed emphasis on style, on groove and sophistication. An emphasis, that, because it’s informed by Dub, Danchall, Rap, Soul or even Psychedelic Rock, is advanced enough to always shine through the inflationary characteristic of the genre as notably original. That applies to both, his productions and his DJ-sets.

What Adam Port is laying his hands on might have its place within the parameters of House and Techno, but it’s always more than that. It’s his style.

Keinemusik / Souvenir
&ME has been somewhat invisible for quite a while now. Instead of being all showy like most of his producing colleagues, he preferred to hide behind artists like DJ Hell or Terranova as their ghost- or coproducer. Now after putting out his first solo-single on Keinemusik, these days are finally over. He took some time to figure out his own style of blending Techno and Housemusic and now that it took shape, there is no way of escaping this guy. Well, you better donʼt miss him anyway.
Keinemusik / Souvenir /Rebirth
Chances are, you’ve heard of RAMPA before. Sure, he’s known for coming up with the most elaborate staches in the game, he’s got imposing skills when it comes to throwing BBQs and riding scooters and whatnot, but we’re talking something different here. RAMPA has made a name of himself through Keinemusik, his own little d.i.y.-cosmos, being not only label, but also crew of likeminded Djs, producers and friends. Before there was keinemusik, he put his hand on a few acts that – after his treatment – found their way directly into the charts. If he’s not spitting out new material, RAMPA is likely to be found behind some turntables between Berlin and New York, representing his own definition of Techno and House, bridging the gap between deepness and elation. Never taking things too seriously, apart from those serious grooves he’s got in his pockets.
International Deejay Gigolo Records, München
Der renommierte Münchner Producer, Labelbetreiber und Kultmeister elektronischer Tanzmusik Helmut Geier alias DJ Hell hat gerade das Album seines Lebens gemacht. „Teufelswerk“ ist eine Tour de force durch die Ästhetik von Kraftwerk und Can, über Techno bis hin zum heutigen Electro und Minimal. In DJ Hells Raumschiff bedient unter anderem Peter Kruder die Pulte mit den bunten Knöpfen und niemand geringerer als Bryan Ferry leiht einem Track seine famose Stimme.
Wo sonst nur strenge „4 to the floor“ Beats ihren Weg in das DJ Set finden, herrscht bei DJ Hell vorurteilsfreier Ekletizismus: Italo-Disco, Wave, Hip Hop, Industrial, Acid House oder Techno. Es gibt nichts was DJ Hell in seiner Höllenküche nicht kunstvoll zusammenbrauen könnte.
Cocoon.net, Istanbul

Er ist vielleicht der einzige  Techno-Export seiner Heimatstadt Istanbul. Onur Özer spielt seit 2005 regelmäßig in den wichtigsten Clubs weltweit. Während der Woche kehrt er gerne wieder zurück in die Stadt, die sich über zwei Kontinente erstreckt. Dort wo westliche und östliche Einflüsse ganz unmittelbar aufeinandertreffen, hat Özer sein Studio. Als Inspirationsquelle dient ihm seine Heimatstadt jedoch nur bedingt."Das einzige, was mich in Istanbul inspiriert, ist das Erscheinungsbild, die Silhouette der Stadt. Also ihre Natur, ihre Geschichte und ihr Äußeres. Impressionen im musikalischen Sinne finde ich dort aber nicht so viele", sagt Onur. 2007 geht es mit der Karriere von Özer weiter nach oben. Sein Track "Halikarnas" schafft es auf Sven Väth's Cocoon Compilation G. "Es ist das Volk, das die Musik schafft. Wir Musiker arrangieren sie nur." Ganz schön bescheidene Worte für das Riesentalent aus dem Cocoon-Stall.

Innervisions, Berlin

When Dixon entered the Berlin club circuit in the early 90’s, he established his name on the strength of DJing. Back then, confidence or experience based on putting out mixes in the internet did not matter as much as it does now. You had to do your practice, of course, but when your thing was good and tight enough to take it to the clubs, there were opportunities to do so. But those opportunities meant responsibilities. A residency did not mean playing the same club every once in a while, it meant playing the same club every week. Dixon was always more than happy to spend this much time on his nights, because he takes his profession seriously. It is exactly what matters most to him. He has always been and he always will be a DJ first.

Cocoon, Frankfurt
Die Motorcitysoul-Hälfte Christian Rindermann aka C-Rock gilt seit den 90ern als einer der Köpfe der deutschen Housebewegung. Da bleibt der Erfolg natürlich nicht lange aus. Der Platten-Aufleger, Produzent & Labelbetreiber ist weltweit in den bekanntesten Clubsvertreten und hosted so ganz nebenbei die "Our House"-Nights in Sven Väths Cocoon Club, wo er als Resident DJ neben Größen wie Jimpster, Shur-I-Kann oder Kiko Navarro werkt und mit pumpendem House & Techno immer wieder Abende der Extraklasse gestaltet.
Rekids/Buzzin' Fly/liebe*detail/Tsuba, London

Spencer Parker is one of Europe's leading dj's, his unique style of house music is in demand the world over and with his productions, remixes and re-edits being supported by such names as Radio Slave, Luciano, Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Ben Watt, Nic Fanciulli and Pete Tong, the future looks bright.

Spencer's style is simply best described as underground electronic house music. Preferred record labels range from the techno stylings of Oslo, Planet E, Liebe Detail, and Rekids through to the uber-cool house of Buzzin Fly, Ibadan, Tsuba and Objektivity. A set from Spencer would include minimal, electronic and acid house alongside some cool jackin' tracks and the odd trippy vocal.

Souvenir Music, Berlin
1996 gründen die Brüder Ali und Basti Schwarz mit ihrem Kumpel Peter Hoff das Produzententeam Tiefschwarz. Der Projektname entsteht aus der Verbindung des Familiennamens mit ihrer Vorliebe für Deep House. Nach der eigenen Labelgründung im Jahr 2006, einer Fabric-Compilation und zahlreicher Remixes namhafter Artists wie Madonna, Depeche Mode, The Rapture, Booka Shade etc. touren die Jungs seither DJ-mäßig um den Erdball.
g-stone, Vienna
When Peter Kruder plays everybody listens - Kein Wunder, der erfolgreiche G-Stone Labelchef und Produzent (Voom:Voom/ Peace Orchestra) war schon mit den legendären „K&D Sessions“ seiner Zeit voraus und begeistert aus heutiger Sicht mit seinen raren DJ-Sets noch immer, frei nach dem Motto: always kicking, while deep.
Für alle die den smarten Wiener im Vorjahr versäumt haben, gibt es jetzt noch einmal die Chance ihn anzusehen bzw. –hören. Da werden nicht nur die Frauenherzen höher schlagen!
Dirty, Paris
Dirty Sound System is Clovis Goux and Guillaume Sorge, two discerning French selectors currently living in Paris. Involved in numerous musical activities since the late nineties, Clovis and Guillaume are well known for their extensive and exotic knowledge of music. Dirty is now a full on label that draws attention from influential blogs, journalists and djs worldwide, and the boys are constantly touring the world since their first compilation "Dirty Diamonds" in 2003. Their selector works, blog activity (more than one thousand daily visitors to alainfinkielkrautrock) and dj sets have gained them a worldwide following, recently increased due to the success of their "Dirty edits" series. Dirty Sound System dj sets cover an insanely wide spectrum from weird disco, jackin' techno, acid house to the best modern music around. Expect unobvious dancefloor craziness for party people with taste and style.
the wardrobe/antipop
Wie viele andere DJs zog es auch den Bayern nach Berlin, wo er seit 3 Jahren lebt. Er ist einer der Köpfe hinter dem "AMBO"-Project und veranstaltet jetzt zusammen mit C-Rock Parties in seinem neuen Wohnzimmer, dem "Week-End" und dem Cookies. Aber auch produktionstechnisch ist Stoopid kein unbeschriebenes Blatt. Auf dem bekannten Münchner Antipop-Label veröffentlichte der Wahl-Berliner zahlreiche Tracks und Remixes die in allen Houseclubs der Welt für mächtig Stimmung auf den Dancefloors sorgen.
München - Compost|Sonar Kollektiv|!K7|G-Stone

Roland Appel started  producing music and spinning records in the early  nineties. He was a member of Fauna Flash ( together with christian Prommer ) and the Trüby Trio ( with rainer trüby + christian prommer ). They produced 3 studio albums with these projects and one dj kicks with the trüby trio. 2002 he was releasing one album with his projekt with peter kruder and christian prommer called voom:voom. with every project he toured the world and played  the big clubs and festivals (roskilde festival, sonne mond und sterne, sunflower, big chill, 10 days off, montreux jazz festival, sonar festival, fabric london, cielo new york, weekend berlin, yellow tokio, etc... 2004 he moved to paris france and lived there  for 1 and a half year. During that time he started to write music for his solo career. After returning to munich / germany he teamed up with engineer jan krause to start recording. For all the vocals he brought the singer araba walton in, a high profile singer/ actress  who had exactly the strange vibe  he was looking for to put the songs to the next level.

Compost Records, Freiburg
Der Initiator von „Root Down“ in Freiburg ist als Selector und Mixmeister, mit Leidenschaft für edle Reben, bei unseren Elektronikparties in Graz nicht mehr wegzudenken. Mit einer perfekten Mischung aus Future Jazz, Deep & Techhouse wird globetrotting Trüby den Dancefloor wie immer in kürzester Zeit zum Beben bringen.
Sunday Music / !K7 / Innervisions, Berlin

Henrik Schwarz was born and raised in South Germany where he also took his first musical steps as a DJ in local Clubs playing Rap, Hip Hop, Rare Groove and Jazz and Detroit Techno. Soon after he started to spin regularly he was also interested in computer music production and started to do his own tracks in 1992 with a few drummachines and synths. When he got his first Laptop in 1998 he began integrating it in his DJ-Sets and soon the Laptop played an important role in all his music activities. The software got better and better and Henrik was enjoying the new possibilities. Over the last years with international bookings all around the globe Henrik improved his HENRIK SCHWARZ LIVE show and is now one of the most requested live acts in the dance scene.

Gomma, München

MUNK is the band of MATHIAS MODICA. One of the two owners of the GOMMA LABEL from Germany. Mathias is half German and half Italian. He releases music under the name of Munk, travels around the world as a DJ and with his MUNK band, runs the Gomma label with his friend Jonas Imbery, does T shirt designs, produces music for independent fashion shows, does soundinstallations and organizes exhibitions (the MondoGomma shows that have been taken place in Tokio, Stockholm, Berlin a.o. cities).

Innervisions, Karlsruhe
Wenn das Dj- und Producerduo Âme hinter den Turntables steht, dann wendet es sich an seine Hörerschaft um eine simple Message loszuwerden: House, House and more fucking House. Âmes Musik ist leicht zugänglich, ohne aber jemals an Tiefgang, Komplexität oder einem charakteristischen Twist zu mangeln. Spätestens seit dem Release ihres Club Monsters "Rej" Ende 2005 zählen sie zu den absoluten Szene-Darlings in den weltweit angesagtesten Clubs von London bis Tokyo.
Diynamic Music, Dessous, Compost
Solomun is a passionate DJ who was born in the heart of Bosnia, and grew up and lives now in Hamburg. Turning his records, he imagines the whole picture, and is reading the party in between the lines. Keeping true to his style, the dancing crowd can’t believe the party is over when he stops playing. For five years now, Mladen Solomun has hosted the club "DIY", which had its own location at the RO.DIY Cultural Club since 2004 and a monthly club in the Uebel and Gefaehrlich for over two years. Solomun’s musical passion has been focused on his own label Diynamic Music for two years. The first EP Releases presented a very successful start and caught the attention of many artists and DJs such as: Laurent Garnier, Tiger Stripes, Gabriel Ananda, DJ T., Tobi Neumann, Martin Landsky, Jennifer Cardini, Ben Waat, Anja Schneider, Tiefschwarz, all of who played and charted the tracks in their playlists. Solomun has already released tracks Sonar Kollektiv, Liebe*Detail, Four:Twenty, Compost and on Steve Bug’s Dessous label.
Member of the Trick, Berlin

Spätestens seit ihrem Floorfiller "Hormony", der unter anderem bei Carl Craig und Gilles Peterson auf Hot Rotation lief, sind die beiden Wahl-Berliner zum international hofierten DJ- und Producer-Team aufgestiegen. Ihre musikalischen DJ-Ausflüge sind dabei seit jeher mit Spaß verbunden. Da kann es durchaus vorkommen, dass sich zu kolossalen Bassdrums plötzlich Discohymnen oder wilde Synthesizer-Attacken dazugesellen. Clubs sind schließlich nicht für Diskussionen rund um Poptheorie gebaut worden, sondern für eine Party. Sweat all over the place!

Diynamic Music / Electric Avenue
Playing various instruments like violin, piano and drums when he was 10 years, discovering electronic music 5 years after. DJ Krush and Grooverider provided his introduction into this new electronic sound dimension. About a year later he came upon techno. At this time he was influenced very much from Chris Liebing and Sven Vaeth, starting to djing and buying vinyl. He soon realized that for him making music was more fullfilling than "just" playing a groove, or mixing a record, so he started to take his production seriously and moved to Hamburg to attend SAE (School of Audio Engineering). For 2 years, he was the producer part of the Gebrueder Ton, and in this time he befriended Diynamic (a record label from Solomun and Adriano) . Stimming's debut on Diynamic was Diynamic 006 Feuervogel EP, which he produces together with Solomun. The Diynamic 008 was his first solo artist vinyl. There is plenty more to come, from this talented young producer.
Harry Klein, Munich
Die sympathische Djane ist Resident im angesagten Harry Klein in München und Mitglied von female:pressure. Julietta überzeugt durch ihre Leichtigkeit, mit der sie auch ihre treibenden House Sets gestaltet, die mit Einflüssen aus Breaks, Jazz, Minimal und Elektro spielen.
Compost Records, Zagreb